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Academic & Athletic Awards

Academic & Athletic Awards

Midlakes Middle/High School held its annual awards night on Wednesday, June 5, to recognize outstanding academic, service, citizenship and athletic achievements of students in grades 7-12.

►PHOTOS: 2024 Secondary Awards


PEP Award
To be given to a junior or senior (preferably a senior) who has distinguished himself/herself through Perseverance, Enthusiasm, and "Pluck" in athletics. The recipient should have proven to be a credit to Midlakes High School by his/her sportsmanship, sincere effort, and dignity regardless of the outcome.  Finally, if there is difficulty in determining a winner, special consideration would be given to the athlete who was physically or otherwise challenged.

FEMALE: Catelin Couillard and Mara Deisering
MALE: Garret Cooper and Abraham Rodriguez-Diaz

Outstanding Senior Female
To be given to the senior girl exhibiting outstanding participation, skill, and teamwork in the field of athletics, and whose efforts brought honor to their teams, school, and themselves. This award goes to a multi-sport athlete and owner of multiple school records in softball, the Finger Lakes Player of the Year, and qualifier/participant in the New York State girls wrestling tournament. She was also named the Finger Lakes Player of the Week on multiple occasions and took first in the state wrestling qualifying tournament. She plans to attend Monroe Community College for Dental Hygiene.
Recipient: Olivia Miles

Outstanding Senior Male
To be given to a male senior (male) exhibiting outstanding participation, skill, and teamwork in the field of athletics, and whose efforts brought honor to their teams, school, and themselves. This individual scored 1,000 points in basketball and was a member of the Sectional Championship Boys Volleyball team. He was named to multiple All-League teams in the Finger Lakes and played baseball. He plans on attending St. Bonaventure University.
Recipient: Kyle Kumkey

Christakis and Agnes Modinos Pappas Award (Overall Most Outstanding Athlete)
To be awarded to the most outstanding athlete of the year, either male or female. Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Modinos in memory of Aristotle’s G. Pappas. This athlete is a multi-sport athlete and winner of multiple league titles, six sectional patches, and holder of multiple school records. She won a sectional title in girls’ volleyball, two team sectional titles with the indoor track and field team, and several individual titles. She was named to multiple All-League teams and competed in multiple state track championship meets. She plans to attend St. John Fisher University in its 3-plus 3 program to earn a doctorate in law.
Recipient: Kianna Naval

MAA Coaches Award
To be given to a female and a male player who demonstrates the most leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit, and doing what is best for the program.
Female: Emily Meath & Stella DelPapa
Male: Andrew Briggs & Kaiden Ranger

MAA Friend Award
Given to a community member who has been dedicated to an individual athletic program or athletics in general at Midlakes High School.
Recipients: Kristen Deisering and Tanya Meath

Ollie Cool Scholar-Athlete Female (overall GPA & varsity letters): Alyssa Crance

Ollie Cool Scholar-Athlete Male (overall GPA & varsity letters): Johnathan Finewood

Vandermark Award (baseball): Jackson Nurse

McAllister Award: Kaiden Larsen

Ray of Light Award (cheerleading): Libby Pane

Heart Award Female (soccer): Emily Meath

Hardwood Club Female (basketball): Stella DelPapa

Hardwood Club Male (basketball): Kyle Kumkey

John C. Wilbur Memorial Scholarship Award: Ariana Hicks & Kyle Hey

Jason Owens Award Male (volleyball): Brady Day

Jason Owens Award Female (volleyball): Katelyn Martin

Male Legacy Award (swimming): Zander Benz

Female Legacy Award (swimming): Cadence Spence

Midlakes Rising Star Award: Aiden Bryant

Leon Hill/ Bob Jones Memorial Award (Wayne-Finger Lakes Track and Field officials): Aiden Bryant

Screaming Eagle Award (wrestling): Olivia Miles

Steven Jones Award (football): Abraham Rodriguez-Diaz

Gerry Benedict Memorial Scholarship (cross country): Kyle Hey

Brian Romeiser Memorial Scholarship (softball): Olivia Miles

Gary Kirkwood Memorial Scholarship: Mia VanSavage & Suelyan Serrano-Rosa

Multi-Sport Athlete Awards
These athletes completed in the fall, winter, and spring while maintaining a high level of academic achievement.
Recipients: Kyle Kumkey, Alexis Kopetchny, Alyssa Crance, Amelia Maslyn, Andrew Briggs, Ariana Hicks, Emily Meath, Evan Quade, Garret Cooper, Hailey Barber, Jamie Westfall, Katelyn Martin, Catelin Couillard, Orianna Carrasquel, Laura Rugiero-Altez, Lillian Hargarther, Mara Deisering, Mia Van Savage, Olivia Miles, Stella DelPapa and Kianna Naval.

Scholar-Athlete Teams
Midlakes athletic teams that maintained a grade point average above 90 during their season. This year’s scholar-athlete teams: Boys and girls soccer, girls tennis, girls cross country, girls and boys bowling, girls and boys indoor track, girls basketball, boys and girls volleyball, girls outdoor track and field, girls lacrosse, and softball. 


Clarkson University Leadership Award: Chloe Collett

New York State Senate’s Youth Leadership Award: Matt Cannan

Boys State Delegate Award: Justin Nealey, Max Kalehn, and Jonah Spangenberg

Girls State Delegate Award: Hannah Minns and Maya Wilson

Preston Foundation Junior Board Recognition: Johnathon Finewood

Ontario County Youth Recognition Award: Jorge Garcia, Ashley Orozco-Aquilar, Alexa Davies, and Alyssa Crance

RIT Science & Math Award: Jonah Spangenberg

Keuka College George H. Ball Community Achievement Awards: Cecileigh Perri, Madison Haers, Colin Chimera, and Maya Wilson

St. Bonaventure University Bonnie or Reilly Awards: Sienna Lowe, Hannah Minns, Lauren Wodenscheck, and Hayden Wells

University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Alicia Gonzalez

University of Rochester Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award: Hunter Casper

Clarkson University Achievement Award: Leah Peck-Elzey

Midlakes Athletic Leadership Organization Award (M.A.L.O.): Ariana Hicks and Catelin Couillard

The Patrick S. Gilmore Award: Cadence Spence and Sean White

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Madison Robinette

The John Philip Sousa Award: Nicole Szalay

Midlakes High School Band NYSSMA Solo Fest Recognition: Duke Van Savage, Madison Robinette, Amelia Santy, Alivia Miller, Ian Gonzalez, Kyle Bell, Alessandra Gallagher, and Matthew Cannan.

Alfred University Scholars Award: Cheria Caraballo

Alfred State Pioneer Leader Award: Dylan White

ELL Perseverance Award: Brayan De Leon Gonzalez and John Wassouf

Renesselaer Medal Award: Jackson Alamond


Above and Beyond Award Grade 7: Cyrus Wilson and Ella Calabrese Dominik

Above and Beyond Award Grade 8: Travis Guard

Agriculturist Award: Alexandria Mix and Christopher Schuster

Art Achievement Award: Isabella Fagan, Alexandria Mix, and Ralsei Kline

Chorus Award: Liesl Dorr

Citizenship Award 7: Sophie Caves, Evan Everson, Hayden Lawson, Riley Kuhn, Christopher Finewood, Brayden Trickey, Aaron Herman, Deliah Howcroft, Liberty Wickings, and Liesl Dorr

Citizenship Award 8: Ana McConnon, Brian Cannan, Riley Marion, Alaina Davies, Lucas Santy, Zoey Overslaugh, Noah Eldridge, David Chen, Harmony Dean, Titus Ruggles, and Maddison Stratton

CSD Soaring Student Award: Destiny Nelson

Director's Award: Sophia Schutt

Don Jones Award: Jaden Castellano and Ralsei Kline

Douglas Blondell Art Award: Michael Watson

ENL Achievement Award: David Chen and Erielismar Rodriguez-Rivera

ENL Perseverance Award: Keychelianie Tapia Camillo

Excellence in Family and Consumer Sciences: Riley Marion

Foreign Language Award - Spanish: Alivia DeJohn

Gail Birosh Memorial Award: Zoey Overslaugh

Gail Birosh PE Award: Ana McConnon

Gettysburg Address Award: Riley Marion and Emma Mae White

Joseph C. Silver Award: Zoey Overslaugh

Math 7 Award: Madison Alcock, Luke Sanford, and Liberty Wickings

Math 8 Award: Alivia DeJohn, Riley Marion, Titus Ruggles, and Lucas Santy

Mrs. Dora Rathbun Band Award: Brian Cannan 

Outstanding 8th Grade Athlete: Axel Arenas-Martinez

Outstanding PE Class Award 7: Oliver Altman and Deliah Howcroft

Outstanding PE Class Award 8: Cevin Martinez and Gabrielle Delpriore

Richard L. Rathbun Jr. Award: Liberty Wickings and Riley Kuhn

Science Award: Lucas Santy and Ana McConnon

Sue Christiansen Memorial Award: Ella Conrad and Keychelianie Tapia Camillo

Technology Award: Luke Sanford

Triple C Award: Ana McConnon, Riley Marion, and Lucas Santy

Youth to Youth Service Award: Evan Everson